The Work

In my work I try to connect with core human emotions through form. The monumental plays a large role in my work because simple, imposing forms play on the subconcious. I believe that shape and line can tap into the psyche.

I mainly express my ideas in paint because the possibilities it offers are endless and I can have full control over the material; I am not limited by process, installation or technology. Furthermore, painting has an immediacy on the viewer without the need for explanation – the viewer is confronted with a self-defining object: a painting is always a painting, no matter what it depicts. Recently, however, I´ve started to use sculpture and photography in order to explore other mediums, although the directness of form in the pieces hasn´t changed.

Drawing is a fundamental activity in the production of my work since the “correctness” of the design is paramount. Before beginning a piece I will have worked on its form in numerous sketches, making adjustments until it reaches a point of balance. Then I transfer it to canvas. I know when a piece is successful because it feels “resolved”: all the elements - shape, colour, material, etc - work together, stimulating the viewer´s senses. Inexplicably, paint on a canvas harnesses life, transcending the material from which it is made of.